A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Most days I feel like I am treading in hot water, trying to stay afloat. This week has been a difficult one from the start! 

Continuing to deal with unexplained health symptoms, I found some solace in the Celiacs.com website forums. I don’t know if I am Celiac because I have never had the money to be tested, but in the forums, I was able to post questions about symptoms I have been experiencing that could be connected with food allergies and several people weighed in with their opinions, experiences and advice on the issues. Some of it has helped shed some light, although when there are conflicting opinions about which foods should be eaten and avoided, it makes me more confused than ever!

At the beginning of the week, I was feeling really low. I had what I call one of my “meltdowns”, after I came to the conclusion that I would have to close my personal bank accounts until I could resolve health issues and begin working again. It was a very tough decision since I have managed my own accounts since I was a kid and closing them contributed to feelings of isolation and loss of independence I was already experiencing. 

When you are constantly dealing with unexplained frightening health concerns, doctors and medical bills add up. If you lose a job or several due to those concerns, there is no money coming in to pay for the bills. It is a catch 22. 

After a couple days of “woe is me” thinking, I decided I am going to push on, keep researching and hope for the best. As it turned out. things have begun to look up slightly. After months of not being covered, health insurance has finally been approved through my husband’s job. I also came across a local naturopathic clinic and made an appointment for a free consultation with one of their doctors who specializes in migraines, headaches, and digestive disorders. I am very curious to see what she will say about the many symptoms I have been experiencing, since my primary care physician seems somewhat limited. 

My collection of checked out library books has now grown…not completely sure how many I have at the moment, but hubby, the librarian and I had a good laugh over the fact that I hadn’t reached the 100 book limit yet! I have checked out books about allergy free recipes, the Gluten free lifestyle, stress and anxiety relief and management, money management, etc. The two I am most impressed with at the moment are:

1) Wheat Belly, by, William Davis, MD (anyone who is thinking wheat/Gluten is impacting their life in a negative way should read this because there are so many areas affected that are not just digestive…neurological being one of them!)

2) Keep It Together, by, Kirsten M. Lagatree (“200+ tips, lists, and solutions for everyday life”. Need to work on health, fitness, organization, moving, money management, investing, you name it…it seems to be in here!)

In addition, to reading, I am continuing to work on my crafts projects, which I always find very relaxing. Sales in my Etsy shops had been very slow the past couple months, but I got 2 unexpected sales today, which made my week. 😉 My shops have fun collectibles and craft items that make great gifts. The teams I belong to on Etsy have offered a great sense of community when I have felt isolated as well. So for those who are interested, check out my shops.

Escape From Reality: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EscapeFromReality

BigKidVintage: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BigKidVintage

Well, thanks for taking the time to read all this. I hope we can all help each other in some way. I welcome comments and would love to hear from you.

A woman is like…


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