“Choice, not chance determines one’s destiny”-anon

If you read my last post then you know how overwhelmed I have been feeling about the prospect of switching to all Gluten free cooking. Imagine sitting in the middle of 30+ library books just about ready to eat them for fiber rather than attempting to cook!

I kept staring at the pages of the books and thinking, I could never write out all of the recipes in time before they would have to be returned to the library and it would kill off my hand to write so much. Then of course, what would I write the recipes on and where would I keep them all?

I decided (or chose) to look up gluten free blogs and recipes online. I spent a better part of the day sorting, following, favoriting and subscribing to things I thought were relevant. Then by chance or fate, I came across the best tool I could possibly find! 

Perusing the site, http://www.stockpilingmoms.com, I came across a really yummy looking recipe for egg salad avocado wraps and it gave the option to “clip” and save or print the recipe. This led to the discovery of the ultimate cooking aid: http://www.ziplist.com!

I registered for free at Zip List and immediately found it easy to use! I could find a recipe on a website and save it into “my recipe box” on Zip List as if I were creating a “pin” for Pinterest (for those of you who are familiar with Pinterest). It also gave the options of adding tags to sort the recipes, making shopping lists and meal plans. As if that wasn’t good enough, if you make a shopping list of ingredients, Zip List will give you a few price comparisons for shop sales in your area.

So needless to say, I was already riding pretty high yesterday from finding Zip List and saving recipes I had found online, when today’s discovery really put me on Cloud 9! You can use Zip list to create or type in recipes! *Grinning like a fool*

I just love having a sense of direction and purpose (it is such a change from my usual hamster spinning in a wheel impression). My new project is to use the library books to find Gluten Free recipes that I would consider making/eating and type those recipes into Zip List where they will be saved and categorized in my recipe box. Then, when it comes time to cook up some food, I will move this computer (behold the power of a laptop!) to the dining room table, pull up the saved recipe of choice and then, voila! We are off and running…or…cooking!

I don’t know how long this project will take me and I will probably have to renew some of these books many times, but you have to start somewhere!

“Choice, not ch…


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  1. Hi I joined the balance team on etsy last night so I got your blog link there. I also have a blog–don’t blog as much as I used to, but that’s fine. I just finished an adventure into gluten free so thought I’d encourage you that it is not as hard as you are thinking. 😉 if you go to better stores– or a health food store–they will quite a few easily found marked gluten free things– you can also ask at company websites about products you already use–for instance I emailed sweet baby rays and asked if the bbq sauce was gluten free– and it is! 🙂 mainly you need to read labels, use rice & corn and potatoes, you can get plenty of fiber from veggies & fruits, for me I needed to find a good gluten free pasta and bread that I liked–that took some trying of things–I ended up liking Udi’s gluten free millet chia bread & a pasta made by bionature. I used that bread for bread crumbs and croutons too– just made my own. Anyhow–It was fun and not so hard to do–but alas– it did not cure what ails me. I hope it will for you–I think you have to find if there is a food problem–and sometimes do research online a lot-for the latest info–and give it to your doc. If your dr isn’t open to trying what is new– get a different dr. I just got one after years and years that aggressively treating my chronic pain and although he’s a cranky old guy–I could just about kiss him. 🙂 Meds are not evil– exercise and diet is not a cure all. So many of the younger drs think you can just eat and exercise yourself out of pain and for me– it only makes things worse. Best of luck to you!

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